Your team. Your home.

In their new home, the Earthquakes are a solid representation of San Jose’s commitment to the sport and spirit of soccer.


After playing at Buck Shaw Stadium on the University of Santa Clara campus from 2008 to 2015, the Earthquakes moved to a snazzy new stadium in San Jose. The Avaya Stadium was built to be the home of the Earthquakes and center point for major league soccer in the San Francisco Bay Area. This modern complex is a community center and rallying place for fans and players alike.


For the 2016 season, the campaign focused on the Earthquakes new home and how important the fans were to the club and the community. A secondary theme of Unshakeable was used to describe that support from the club and community of fans. We built the overall season theme and translated existing live action shots of team to support the key creative idea into executions: out of home billboards, posters, tickets, parking passes and pins.

What We Did: Design / Digital / EnvironmentWork created during our time at Teak.
San Jose Earthquakes 2016 Tagline
San Jose Earthquakes 2016 Billboard Valeri Qazaishvili
San Jose Earthquakes 2016 Season Brand Systems
San Jose Earthquakes 2016 Players
San Jose Earthquakes 2016 Tickets
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San Jose Earthquakes 2016 Billboard
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